Registration open until April 8


Art. 1

The competition is organized by the Cultural Association Art&Culture Events and it is open to dancers and groups of all nationalities, both males and females, not yet professionals.

Art. 2

The competition will be held at Teatro Sociale, Via Bellini 3 in Como on April 22-23, 2017.

Saturday, April 22, 2017  

9,00 am Registration and check in of Baby and Teen categories
10,00 am Elimination phase
7,00 pm Decree and award of the first three classified in each section and category. Jury’s scholarship assignment.

Sunday,April 23, 2017

9,00 am Registration and check in of Junior, Senior and Professional categories
10,00 am   Elimination phase
7,00 pm  Decree and award of the first three classified in each section and category. Jury’s scholarship assignment. 
8,30 pm Gran Gala: performances of the firsts three classified of Junior, Senior and Professional categories that will perform the same winning coreography.

The evening schedule will be decided at the incontestable discrection of the Artistic Director and the members of the jury.
At the Gran Gala will also perform guests of international fame.
At the end of the Gran Gala, will be determined the winners of the followings prizes:

  • Teatro Sociale Como Award
  • Critics Award
  • Sponsor Award



Styles admitted:

  • Ballet: Soloists-Couples-Groups
  • Modern/Contemporary/Jazz/Contaminations: Soloists-Couples-Groups
  • Folklore/Ethnic and Popular Dances/Character: Soloists-Couples-Groups
  • Urban Dance/Hip-hop/Street Dance/Hills Dance/Twerk/Street/Jazz-Latin : Soloists-Couples-Groups

Duration of the choreographies: (maximum tolerance 30 seconds)

  •   Groups: 5 minutes
  •   Soloists: 3 minutes
  •   Couples: ballet section (REPERTOIRE:original timing but only adagio and coda) other styles 4 minutes

No stage/dress rehearsals are allowed, the candidates will have access to a common warm-up space.

Art. 4

The competition is divided into the following categories:

  • BABY  (7 - 11 years old)
  • TEEN (12 - 15 years old)
  • JUNIOR (16 - 18 years old)
  • SENIOR (19 - 28 years old)
  • PROFESSIONAL  from 15 years old dedicated to soloists of ballet, modern and contemporary not yet professionals who are completing or have just perfected within educational programs certified in Italy and abroad (should produce a frequency / issuing certification that will be evaluated by the competition artistic direction).

The category will be automatically  calculated when you fill the Date of Birth.

For groups,the age of the majority of the participants and the average of non-quota will be considered.

For the baby category only the 20% of the group can be composed by elements of the category Teen.

For the couples the oldest element defines the category.


Art. 5 (Repealed. Please refer to Art. 6)

The competition provides a limited number of places
Pre-registration deadline: 15 February 2017.

The pre-registration form must be completed carefully in all its parts and sent only if complete with all the required data.
The organization reserves itself the right to close registrations upon reaching a maximum number of participants, to reject late and incomplete registrations In this case, participants will be informed in due time and receive a full refund of paid fees.

The application form to Como Lake Dance Award, must be complete and formalized as specified in Article 6


Art. 6

Application fee:

  • SOLOIST:  80,00 Euro
  • COUPLE OR DUO:  150,00 Euro
  • GROUP (minimum 3 elements) 100,00 Euro + 25 for each dancer

To formalize and complete the registration, competitors must be sent to the email address no later than the date of April 08, 2017 as follow:

  • Registration form downloaded from the website in enrollment area , which must be signed at the bottom by the individual named.
  • Parent or Legal Guardian must sign above a declaration of release, if competitor is under the age of 18.
  • Applicants should also send to an mp3 file containing the music for the performance that will not later be changed or modified in any case. The file must be labelled with the name of the candidate or of the group.
  • Copy of a receipt of payment of the entry fee payable to:


Art&Culture Events | Banca Prossima – branch of Como
IBAN: IT27 D033 5901 6001 0000 0147 821 | BIC: BCITITMX
Indicate as causative: Como Lake Dance Award 2017 entry


The bank receipt,will demonstrate the payment.
Payment will be made by banker transfer with only one transfer for all the choreographies.

The same day of the competition the competitors will have to deliver to the desk:

  • A photocopy of an identity document or regional services card of each participant (the Competition Office does not collect the original document it is required that the candidate he is still in possession).
  • If the checks carried out the date of birth (month and year) and the identity of the candidate found to differ from those declared in the process of registration, the candidate will be excluded from the competition and will not be entitled to any refund.
  • Valid Medical certificate
    Under no circumstances the organization of the contest will be held responsible for the physical condition of the candidates, nor for injuries, accidents or illnesses that may occur during the normal course of the event.

The competitors entered in the competition are requested to notify to the secretariat, their eventual renunciation and / or its absence by the beginning of the competition.

Art. 7

Each school can perform more choreographies.
For groups: 80% of the dancers must be different in each choreography.
The solo will also be part of a group, or a duo/ couple.

The chronological program, indicating the times and the running order of the competition, with all the categories and sections, will be available 3 days before the competition on


Art. 8

The members of the jury will be chosen from the clear international renowned personalities.The jury's decisions are final.
The following prizes will be awarded:

First place in each section of the Senior category: €. 500.00 + Trophy Lake Como Dance Award

First place in the category Professional: €. 500.00 + Trophy Lake Como Dance Award

First Baby of the classified categories, Teen and Junior of each section will be awarded the prestigious Trophy Lake Como Dance Award and study grants for summer internships

For the second and third prizes of each section and category will be given the recognition plaques

Prizes will also be awarded:

Special Award Teatro Sociale di Como €. 800.00 per contestant (solo, duet or group Junior, Senior and Professional) that has demonstrated the most outstanding theatrical features, consider the technical aspect, choreography, scenic and costume

Special Jury Prize €. 800.00 assigned in particular by specialized judges

Award Sponsor €. 800.00 at the best choreographer

Prize "Live your talent" €. 800.00 to the contestant who has shown a great disposition for the art of dancing, technique and interpretation

The jury, at its discretion, will choose the winner of the scholarship in each section and category. The scholarships are awarded by the jury to the participants regardless of the results of the competition.
The jury reserves the right not to award prizes in the absence of deserving competitors.
In case of ex aequo the prize money is divided among the winners.
The jury reserves the right to further divide or merge the sections or not to award all the prizes.

Each judge will decide to assign a rating of 4 to 10 (including 0.5) to each performance based on evaluation parameters:

  • technical skills
  • expressive capacity
  • musicality
  • choreographic invention and execution

The final score will be derived from the sum of the votes of each juror on each performance.


Art. 9

The competitor must be provided with costumes, shoes, makeup and everything else needed her performance.

Art. 10

The organization accepts no responsibility for any damage to persons or property caused by the participants, as well as injuries to themselves or to others. The organization will stipulate an insurance policy of civil responsibility regarding the performances of the competitors.

Art. 11

It 's not forbidden to take videos and photos during performances unless the person is authorized by the Competition. Photos, video recordings and filming of all stages of the competition are the sole property of the organization of the Como Lake Dance Award which also reserves the exclusive right for the merchandising of the above material. No payment can be claimed by the competitors. Within the registration form is is included the authorization for the free use of the image of the candidates for promotional and informational purposes for the press and television coverage.

Art. 12

Travel expenses, room and board, are borne by the participants.

Art. 13
The contest enrollment constitutes full acceptance of all the articles of this Regulation and therefore obliged to fulfill all the provisions hereof.

Art. 14
When not covered in the Regulation, the decision is up to the organization of the competition.

Art. 15
In case of dispute will refer to the Italian Regulament. For any dispute, the competent is the Court of Milan.


It measures approx. 14x12 meters of proscenium x 12 meters deep, with slight slope. E 'it equipped with dance mat PVC and a fixed par floodlights. The stage lights will hence core placed.
You can not use cumbersome scenic elements and materials that may contaminate the dance mat. Also prohibited the use of talcum powder, oily substances and open flame.

Number of competitors
The components group and duo must wear a competition number in order to allow the jury to distinguish participants.
The numbering must correspond to that provided in the registration phase. The confirmation email (which you receive immediately after submitting the online form) contains, next to the competitor's name, the correct numbering. The numbers in printable format can be downloaded from the web site, in 'NUMBERS' area. They can also be used cloth number or other materials chosen from competitors / teachers / choreographers. They must be positioned well visible.

Communications regarding any of candidates absences are exempt from administrative fees. Replacing Name and Surname soloists candidates is never permissible.
In communications with the secretary please indicate the name of the school (or the person responsible for groups or soloists or indipendent soloists) and the City of origin.

Ticket office
Each school will receive one complimentary pass for the teacher / director or choreographer.
The schools will present from 20 to 39 competitors will be entitled of 2 pass.More than 40 competitors, will be awarded 3 pass.
Teachers pass will be valid for both days of the competition, including Gran Gala (must be stored possibly for the next day).
The competitors will have free access into reserved areas.

The Ticket office of Teatro Sociale di Como, Via Vincenzo Bellini 3, in the days of the competition will be open from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm, for the purchase of tickets for the preliminary round and the Gala evening.
It will be possible to book tickets for the preliminary round and the Gran Gala evening within the dedicated page in the Competition website.

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